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M91 59.jpg

Russia/USSR Mosin Nagant

  • Model M91/59 Carbine : This variant of the Mosin Nagant has been converted from a M91/30 and cut down to carbine length. It still retains the longer rear sight of the 91/30. It closely resembles the M38 and the Czechoslovakian M91/38. The conversion is thought to have been done in 1959. Several sources claim that this was done in either Bulgaria or in the Soviet Union. Most of these carbines make good shooters.
    • The M91/59 has two very distinctive features that make it very easy to tell from the M38. The first is the rear sight. It has the same longer rear sight as the 91/30 but the range markings over 1000 meters have been ground off.

1891-59 002.jpg

    • The second is the 1891/59 mark on the barrel shank. There may or may not be this mark.

1891-59 001.jpg

    • The year of production and the arsenal can be almost any of those found on the 91/30
    • Bullet Point #3.
    • Bullet Point #4.
    • Bullet Point #5.
General Specification

Weight -- 7 1/2 lbs. (3.4 kg)
Length (over all) -- 40" (101.6 cm)
Barrel Length -- 20 1/4" (51.4 cm)
Stock length -- 36 1/2" (92.7 cm)

Model M91/59 Carbine Variants

  • Variant #1 : The most common 91/59 will have a round receiver.

  • Variant #2 : Some hex receivers can be found on the 91/30.

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